About Danger Brain

Sebastian Surroca

Sebastian is a product of the BMX industry. An avid rider and enthusiast for over 20 years, he was there when the sport was just emerging. Over the years he has been able to combine his past time and his love for art and design into a career. Sebastian has developed brands, apparel and products for both BMX and skateboarding doing work for companies like Vans, Stereo Skateboards and Profile Racing to name a few. His style is graphic and bold and takes some cues from graffiti and aerosol art.

Alfonso Surroca

Alfonso is an 18-35 demographic marketer’s dream, a child of the Eighties who still watches cartoons, a product of the internet’s early days, and a consummate geek who lives to buy toys, video games, and comic books. He also happens to be an accomplished designer with a Digital Media degree from University of Central Florida and 10 years of industry experience. His style tends toward hand-lettered typography, colorful illustrations, and clean modern websites.