Anatomy of an AWSM logo

Torstein Horgmo is a Norwegian born pro snowboarder and leader of the AWSM crew. The guys over at AWSM contacted Danger Brain to come with a symbol that would accompany their existing handwritten word mark. The challenge for us was twofold – (1) Come up with a memorable mark that would symbolize the spirit of fun that AWSM represents, and (2) Create a symbol that could be integrated with their existing word mark.

What we came up with was even more awesome than we could have imagined. We hand crafted a letter “A” character to have a digital look, reminiscent of classic 8-bit video games like Space Invaders. As look would have it, all the characters from AWSM can be found in the symbol. One of the guys from the AWSM crew spotted that happy accident and brought it to our attention. What we ended up with was a versatile and imaginative word mark that can be reassembled to spell out AWSM fun!

Every logo project requires multiple rounds of comps and revisions to get to the finished product. Here are the different versions Danger Brain worked on to get to the final AWSM logo.

Initial Marks

Once AWSM had chosen a mark, the challenge was to make it work with the existing AWSM word mark. Because AWSM stands for self-expression and fun, we decided to go with a bright color palette to evoke a cool 80s vibe. Here are some of the initial logo selections.

Logo Comps

Now that the mark had been chosen it was only a matter of fine tuning and cranking out the final product. Torstein and the crew over at AWSM are truly awesome to work with.

The Finished Product