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VGHS Episode 7

Things aren’t going so well for Brian D or Ted Wong in the 7th episode of VGHS, as the the last act gets underway!

Here’s how the students at VGHS show their school spirit.

ATV’s Blow Up Guys Episode 1

Danger Brain is excited to be working with the crew at Awesomeness TV. We’ve been developing the channel branding as well as show logos and other graphics. Check out this hilarious first Episode of the Blow Up Guys.

VGHS Episode 6

Check out Episode 6 of VGHS. And while you’re at it check out all the different areas of study that we created for the world of Video Game High School.

VGHS Episode 5

In this episode Brian takes on the long arm of The Law with more at stake than just his reputation. Does Brian have what it takes or will he risk expulsion? Find out!

Trivia: The FPS game that the teams are playing is called Field of Fire. As part of our VGHS branding campaign we were asked to create the graphics for the fictional shooter.

VGHS Episode 4

It’s Thursday, and that means VGHS! Today’s episode is the make-or-break episode where everything comes together, and if you didn’t already figure that there was a John Hughes/80s teen flick vibe behind VGHS, you will now.

Side note—in the early drafts of the script, before Monster helped out with the sponsorship, VGHS was going to feature a made-up energy drink called Napalm, which was pretty fun to make, especially the drink’s marketing spiel, in which we tried to see how many references we could shoe-horn into one sentence!

Indie Game: The Movie

Looks like a great documentary is on the horizon—12 June, to be exact! Indie Game: The Movie follows the developers behind Super Meat Boy, Braid, and FEZ, and the soundtrack’s by Jim Guthrie, who did the amazing soundtrack for Sword & Sworcery. It’s like the intersection of the indie game scene, and we can’t wait to watch!

Oh, and word to the wise: get it on Steam. It’s $1 cheaper, and you get to be meta by buying a movie about video game developers on a distribution platform for video games run by a video game developer. We’ll probably stream it to the Xbox for maximum meta effect.