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Mission Update: AWSM

After developing the logo and brand identity for pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo’s company, AWSM, Danger Brain has moved on to product development and web design. Since the site is still a little ways off, we have chopped up the latest comps into this look-and-feel teaser for now.

Expect full comps when the time comes. Next, we’re working on details like a lookbook and ad layouts as we wait for product samples to come in from our sources. Danger Brain is capable of far more than a simple logo or website. Danger Brain does whatever it takes to keep your brand safe, even if it means everything.

A Mediocre Time App

Along with the “A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan” website, Danger Brain is also developing the interface graphics for the show’s iOS app. Here is a preview of what we have cooking.

Kill to Succeed

When Danger Brain meets with new clients, we have a package of several items, including a shirt. We have nearly run out of those shirts, so we have decided to make a new design for our second batch, and this time we’re considering selling a handful of them. Interested parties may contact Danger Brain for details.

Working on Identity for Gote Gear

So last week we pulled back the curtain a bit and showed you the starting phase of a brand identity. Well the comps have been sent to the client and a winner has been chosen. Check out the rest of the identity build after the jump.

Gote Logo Comps

Here’s a little look behind the curtain on a logo project we are currently working on.

Mission Progress: Metropolis Graphics

Metropolis Graphics teaser

Metropolis Graphics specializes in quality customized fraternity and sorority clothing, and Danger Brain has been tasked with updating their look and website in time for a summer launch. The project includes some custom illustration work and other interesting bits, but this is what we has been approved for release at the moment. The rest will come over the coming weeks.

Stereo Skateboard Decks Now Available

Danger Brain skateboard decks for Stereo Sound Agency

Some time ago, Danger Brain worked with skateboard company Stereo Sound Agency to design several skateboard decks and other products. We have released images of the vector art and graphics before, but these products are now on Stereo’s 2011 catalog and available for purchase wherever skateboard products are sold.

Urban Recon

Agent Danger Brain 2 gathering some more intel.

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