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Nerd Kingdom

Nerd Kingdom is a behavioral science researcher and developer of sandbox adventure game TUG. To speak at once to both the video game and science branches of the company, we developed and continue to manage a deep brand and language based on medieval heraldry, as well as the overall direction of the TUG brand.

After developing Nerd Kingdom’s brand as well as the brand for their sandbox adventure game TUG, we were tasked with creating a website for Nerd Kingdom that could serve as a central point for their own news posts, press information, and information on TUG.

Time is of the Essence!

Typically, web development projects involve detailed wireframes, meetings with stakeholders, and copious planning. Not so in this case. Nerd Kingdom were only a few weeks from starting their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for TUG, and their existing site was a blank page with the Nerd Kingdom logo at the center. We worked closely with the Nerd Kingdom team, constantly communicating over Google Hangouts chat and holding quick video meetings every few days.

Because Nerd Kingdom used their Tumblr blog as their primary method of distributing news updates, they did not ask for a content management system (CMS) of any kind, and we built the entire website in pure HTML and CSS, basically the old fashioned way. This was meant to be a quickly put-together site, but using the excellent Foundation framework, we were able to build a fully functional mobile-first responsively designed website that met all of Nerd Kingdom’s needs… in less than two weeks.


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