About Danger Brain

Who we are

We have been working with clients to build their adaptive brands for ten years, but we each have worked in the industry for far longer than that. Danger Brain is a partnership between two brothers who have worked for various creative agencies and on projects of all sizes over the years and have combined their talents and experience under one agency.

How we’re different

Danger Brain offers the high-level strategy and execution of a large agency without the slow pace and bureaucracy that typically entails. We are nimble, efficient, and flexible. We remain focused on creative that pushes your brand or campaign forward, and the underlying strategy that makes that creative meaningful to you and your customers.

How we assist you

We are brand-focused, highly skilled, and we work with our clients as long-term partners, not jobs. When you’re working with Danger Brain, you have a team player who will create a fertile environment for ideas and guide you with our experience, all without being heavy-handed. This is how we help you grow.


Creative thinking is the foundation of any successful brand project, and it is half of our Creative Strategy process. Danger Brain has the creative thinking, talent, and aesthetic needed to make successful brands and campaigns, but we have the skill and track record of an established agency as well.


Without a strong underlying strategy, even the best creative is not going to work for your business. This is why we begin our process with a strategy based on research and insights gained from that research. This is the second half of our Creative Strategy process.


Working with us is easy. We work as part of the team, offering insight and consulting, plus collaboration and integration with your internal team. More than that, we foster a creative environment where ideas can grow through collaboration between our team and yours.

Adaptive branding

Over the years, we have developed a branding process we’ve come to call adaptive branding. When we create a brand, we create an entire family of brand elements, strategies, and initiatives which work seamlessly together while allowing the flexibility to incorporate natural evolution, rather than focusing on a single fixed brand standard. This helps ensure that your brand will become stronger over time as it evolves and adapts to the changing marketplace.

Creative strategy

The greatest logo, brand, or campaign means nothing unless it stems from a strategy which fulfills your needs. Before execution of any visual brand element, we begin with our creative strategy process. We employ our own deep experience and our research into your company and industry to develop a brand or campaign which won’t just look great, but will also be meaningful to your customers and will help further your business goals.

Brand projection

The end result of our branding process is the brand projection, which is the way your brand exists in the world, where people will experience and interact with it. This covers external advertising such as billboards, online communication, and every possible touch point between you and your customer. We help you become proactive about how you project your brand into the world.