About Danger Brain

Deep Experience Across Industries

We have a combined 30+ years’ experience in the creative field here at Danger Brain. We’ve spent that time working with international brands and smaller local companies alike. We have worked across several creative teams over the years and have developed an array of experience within our field and across industries. Together as Danger Brain, we have worked with over one hundred individual clients and completed hundreds of projects since 2009.

We have served clients across various industries including but not limited to hospitality, retail, entertainment, and engineering, and we understand how to extract great creative from clients regardless of which industry they operate in.

Varied Skill Sets

Over the past decade we’ve spent working as Danger Brain, we have served many different types of clients, allowing us to cultivate expertise in a variety of fields. We have a large combined skill set that includes branding, design, illustration, marketing, copywriting, video motion graphics, web development, and more.


We offer our clients the value of a design department without the complexity of operating one. We have a knack for determining and executing a client’s creative needs without the need for a lot of time-consuming oversight. With our experience, you can rest easy knowing that we can execute the vision in your mind quickly and effectively.

We’re Team Players

We work very well within design and marketing departments, working with companies as partners to fulfill their creative needs. We’ve worked together with in-house creative departments, integrating into their existing workflows. It means we can have creative meetings with your in-house team so that both teams of can bounce ideas off one another and enhance the ideation abilities of everyone involved. Yes, we can work apart as well, but we love working with a team of passionate creatives.