BC Racing

BC Racing

Automotive Branding

BC Racing provides coilovers and wheels that strike the best balance between performance and cost. We've been working with the team at BC to refresh their brand into something more contemporary and clean.

Logo and Alternates

When we started working with BC Racing, they had several divisions and distributors worldwide who each used different variations of the BC Racing logo, detracting from the brand’s global consistency. After discussing their needs, we set out to modernize their logo while keeping the core “BC” lettering close enough older iterations that existing BC Racing stickers, merchandise, vehicle livery, etc. would not seem completely out of place when the new brand initiative launched.

Old Logomark
New Logomark

We cleaned up the “BC” monogram and separated “Racing” from it, increasing readability and allowing for many additional logo orientations. This would allow the BC Racing identity to adapt to all sorts of applications including packaging and team vehicles.

Alternate Orientations

Square orientation
Stacked orientation
Vertically stacked orientation

Product Identification

Previously, BC Racing’s core coilover suspension products were only identified by their two-letter product type designations and iconography which was simply the two-letter designation in a square box. We created iconography for each coilover suspension product which spoke to its intended application.

A modern, adaptive brand identity isn’t static, though. Because BC Racing does a considerable amount of video, we also created animated motion graphic builds of each of the product icons.

BC Racing animated BR suspension icon
BC Racing animated DS suspension icon
BC Racing animated ER suspension icon
BC Racing animated HM suspension icon
BC Racing animated RM suspension icon
BC Racing animated ZR suspension icon

Merchandising Campaigns

It’s important for a car culture brand to have a steady supply of great-looking merchandise that fans want to wear or put on their car. When we started working with BC Racing, they only had a few shirts with their previous logo. We implemented a much wider variety of branded products, and leveraged our existing vendor relationships to increase the breadth and quality of merchandising options. For example, rather than sell a hat with the BC Racing logo, we created a completely custom hat with custom patterned bill underlay and custom woven inlays.

As a result, merchandise went from a few tee shirts sold at racing events to a key component of BC Racing’s marketing strategy, a driver of sales, and a major component of BC Racing’s connection to their customer and fanbase.

Hat with custom underlay
Custom straw hat
Vans shoe design
Custom travel kit

We have also created regular “seasons” for merchandise, an abbreviated form of real seasons that fashion brands adhere to. Now, every year, we work with BC Racing’s marketing department to create illustrations around a key theme, then build out merchandise based on that theme. Below, some examples are the Drift Club theme and the Shogun theme.

Various brand applications on products

In addition to developing BC Racing’s merchandising program, we work with BC Racing’s marketing department on several integrated campaigns each year which promote the brand and its products through merchandise and other channels. Above, the “Golden Hoodie” campaign centered around one special hoodie randomly selected from orders of the regular Finish Line Series hoodies. The lucky buyer who got that hoodie would not just get a one of a kind variant, but also a free BR coilover suspension kit. This campaign created additional social media buzz and pushed increased merchandise sales for that season.

Product Badging + Packaging

Product packaging is one of the most important consumer touch points for any brand. When your customer first opens the package, this is a vital part of the brand experience and vehicle for fostering a love of the brand itself. With BC Racing, we made sure to create unique packaging that applied the BC Racing brand elements, including branded shipping boxes with custom hand-placed stamps for certain product customizations.

Suspension packaging
Suspension packaging

Trade Show + Booth Displays

BC Racing frequently attends national drift racing events and trade shows. We developed modular booth assets that could be used across a variety of event sizes, including the largest, seen here at BC Racing’s SEMA booth.

BC Racing booth at SEMA event
Lobby environmentals
Booth table wrap
Vehicle wrap

A brand is not static. It adapts and evolves over time. The BC Racing brand identity has evolved even since we initially began the brand buildout. We continue to support the BC Racing brand identity wherever it exists, including environmentals for their recently built headquarters, which itself was inspired by the overall clean, minimalist aesthetic of the BC Racing brand.