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A Growing Brand, not Growing Pains

American Air & Heat

Already an established family-owned HVAC installer, American Air & Heat needed a cohesive brand and assets in order to assist with their expansion. We worked with their team to consolidate their marketing materials and build their headquarters while they doubled in size.


American Air & Heat is a home service provider focused on expansion, and they needed to effectively communicate their values to their customers.


While we have been working to build out their brand and deploy several campaigns, American Air & Heat has grown significantly enough to need to double the size of their headquarters.

Connecting Values

Although we started with a logo refresh, we employed the same process we use for a full rebrand. Over several stakeholder meetings, we developed company values and language tone. With our initial Brand Lexicon, we settled on several key words key words meant to evoke the company’s overall voice.

The lexicon we created at the outset was the basis of the company’s mission statement, guiding principals, and all of its future terminology, slogans, and campaigns.

Brand Lexicon for American Air & Heat

Logo Refresh

Although American Air & Heat had employed a logo redesign several years prior, they were left with a single logo format and no associated brand identity to go with it. We started by refreshing the existing logo and building out additional formats for different applications.

Primary logo for American Air & Heat
Primary logo
American Air & Heat logo, horizontal format
Horizontal logo

Color Palette

Light blue
Medium gray

Loyalty Campaigns

After building out the brand, we met with department heads including sales staff in order to determine their needs. From our meetings, we consolidated and unified all marketing materials. Sales staff had stronger brochures to work with in order to help them continue their sales growth.

We also worked to create better ways to increase customer loyalty and repeat business. We created materials to promote the Home Comfort Club service membership, including an HVAC unit sticker which included advice and tips as well as a dedicated member phone number for service emergencies.

Photos of American Air & Heat member onboarding kit
Membership Onboarding
Photo of American Air & Heat magnet on a refridgerator
Member Magnet
Photo of Lennox air handler focused on unit sticker
Unit Sticker