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Automotive Branding

Enjuku Racing

Enjuku Racing has been established for almost 15 years and growing continuously. We've helped take their brand to the next level. From branding to print, web, and merchandise, we help Enjuku Racing burn rubber on the competition.


Kill All Tires tagline

Collateral + Print

An identity needs to exist in many different forms before it can become a proper brand. After developing the initial Enjuku Racing identity and brand, we began building out collateral and print pieces. Some of these, such as business cards, advertisements, and catalog, allowed us to expand the look and feel of the Enjuku brand considerably.

Business cards for Enjuku Racing

The first few ads and fliers we created for Enjuku Racing would inform the styles that would later become the Enjuku website and more.

Enjuku Racing print advertisement
Early print advert
Enjuku Racing flyer
Promotional flyer


Enjuku Racing did not have a branded merchandising program in place when we began working with them. While they did have several merchandise items, Enjuku typically only used them for employees or giveaways. After we created several different shirts featuring the new identity, Enjuku quickly sold out of all designs and had to start re-ordering regularly. Fans were eager to buy Enjuku Racing merchandise.

Enjuku Racing tee shirts
Early tee shirts

Digital + Web

After building out the Enjuku brand, we worked with their team to research and develop a new website design for their e-commerce site. Over time, we worked out a cleaner layout with clear iconographic indicators and filtration by vehicle. The launch drove sales and the addition of detailed ordering information decreased calls to customer service.

Screenshot of Enjuku website

Keeping Enjuku Consistent

We helped Enjuku Racing keep their brand consistent and connected with its customers. We also helped spread the brand across all avenues including their online storefront, enhancing customer loyalty.

Connect with your Customers

If you’re running a consumer-facing brand focused on sales of $1 million or more, you need to ensure that your brand connects with your customer. That’s where we come in.