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Building History into a Brand

Gatlin Hall Brewing

Gatlin Hall Brewery is an upcoming Orlando brewery steeped in local history and meant as a gathering spot for locals. We're building a brand that communicates just that.


Though the Gatlin Hall Brewery did not yet exist, we were to communicate the feeling of the brewery in visual form to help generate hype during the built-out.


Did you know that Orlando, Florida was originally called Gatlin, Florida? Gatlin Hall Brewery is located near the site of Ft. Gatlin, the location where settlers founded the town that would eventually become Orlando. Because of the significant historical location, we dug into Orlando history for this project.

Crafting the Language

We usually choose several key terms at the beginning of a project which communicate the feel the logo and brand should begin to take on over the course of the project.

Our strategy from the beginning was to weave the history of Orlando into the brand in authentic and unexpected ways. Rather than the expected Florida imagery, we used more authentic imagery that locals would connect with, such as the Florida Oak. We also wanted to go for a slightly rustic feel overall.

Gatlin Hall Brewery Brand lexicon
Mood board for Gatlin Hall Brewery logo

Making the Brand Elements

Although the location did not exist yet, after initial discussions about the build-out, we found the element to center on. The completed brewery would eventually have a massive outdoor area with a large oak tree at its center. We quickly settled on an illustration of such a tree as the central focus of the brand. When Gatlin Hall Brewery opens in full, it will be one of the first things patrons see.

Gatlin Hall primary logo
Primary Logo
Gatlin Hall secondary logo
Secondary Logo
Gatlin Hall skewed logo
Gatlin hall tree logo
Gatlin Hall circular logo
Gatlin hall circular
Gatlin Hall logo
Gatlin hall tree logo
Gatlin Hall pattern

Color Palette



Gatlin Hall headline type
Headline type
Gatlin Hall display type
Display type
Gatlin Hall subhead type
Subhead type
Exterior of Gatlin Hall Brewery location
Gatlin Hall Brewery exterior

Branding the Space

We did not start fully developing brand applications for use within the brewery until the build-out began, and after several walk-throughs and review of the blueprints. However, these are just a few items for use at the brewery when it first opens.

The opening is usually just the beginning. We expect the brand to change and evolve after Gatlin Hall Brewery has been open for some time.

Gatlin Hall beer glass
Gatlin Hall beer glass
Gatlin Hall beer glass
Gatlin Hall beer glass
Beer glasses
Gatlin Hall coaster
Round coaster for Gatlin Hall
Gatlin Hall coaster
Various early brand applications


When developing uniforms, we try to keep them from being too uniform. Especially for a laid-back, welcoming brewery like Gatlin Hall, we started with several brand applications for employee tees so that while everyone will have similar uniforms, they will not be bland and identical.

Gatlin Hall tee
Gatlin Hall tee
Gatlin Hall tee
Gatlin Hall tee
Gatlin Hall employee uniform
Gatlin Hall employee uniform
Various employee uniforms
Gatlin Hall beer label


As the brewery prepares to open and scale up operations, we have also worked with Gatlin Hall Brewery in developing back-of-house items such as beer kegs and large format applications such as fleet vehicle wraps.

Gatlin Hall van wrap
Gatlin Hall van wrap
Fleet vehicle wraps
Kegs for Gatlin Hall Brewery
Brewery kegs