Gringos Locos

Restaurant Branding

Gringos Locos is a staple of the late-night Orlando restaurant scene, serving tacos, burritos, and their famous Double D's well into the early morning.

The Challenge

Gringos Locos began with a single location and a DIY aesthetic. They were ready to expand, but did not want to seem “corporate” or lose the goodwill that their existing brand already had.

The Results

Over several years, Danger Brain partnered with Gringos Locos to quietly evolve their brand. We built a brand identity which is repeatable across new locations, then assisted with all creative aspects of Gringos Locos’ expansion. Today Gringos Locos have five locations and continue to grow.

Logo and Alternates

Gringos Locos wanted a revamp of their existing logo without losing the moustache and overall look of their original logo. They needed something clean which they could integrate over time.

Old Logomark
New Logomark

We cleaned up the font and separated it from the moustache logomark so that it could stand on its own. We also recreated the logomark with cleaner lines and curves, but while retaining the look. This all would allow Gringos Locos to gradually integrate the logo.


Brand Applications

Environmental Graphics

Store Interior

Each new Gringos Locos location features authentic murals from a local artist, but since the rebrand, new locations have also utilized hand painted versions of the new branding and the artist’s interpretation of key graphics from the brand. We have worked with Gringos Locos to ensure that new locations integrate the new brand and environmental graphics while looking a and feeling just like the original location.

Exterior Signage
Interior Wayfinding
Backlit Signage
Store Exterior
Wall Graphics
Store Interior Signage

As Gringos Locos expands into catering and events, we have also created vinyl wraps for their catering vehicles.

Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps


Assorted Gringos Locos Tees



After the entire rollout, we created a modern website to replace the previous outdated website, featuring the new graphics, color palette, typography, and style. The new site has a direct catering form and links to online ordering, and since launch, catering requests and orders have already increased.