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Crafting A Cohesive Brand Family

Hollerbach's German Restaurant

Hollerbach's German Restaurant is a central Florida staple, bringing an authentic German experience every day. We helped create a cohesive brand family to communicate this.


Hollerbach’s German Restaurant is a staple of the historic Sanford, Florida community. After years of expansion, the Hollerbach family found themselves with numerous brands and needed someone who could bring them together as a cohesive whole.


Consistent, cohesive brand assets deployed throughout the restaurant and campaigns that connect with the brand’s origins have helped Hollerbach’s German Restaurant focus on providing their signature German experience in a way that resonates with customers old and new.

Researching the Region

We did a deep dive into the area where the Hollerbachs family originates, Kyllburg, in the Black Forest region of Germany, including the local environment, customs, and aesthetics. This continues to inform every visual asset we create.

For the logo and identity, we primarily looked at bar and restaurant styles typical of the Black Forest-area, then mixed in styles that would fit. The moodboard we presented encapsulated some of the styles we found and helped foster discussions that led to the initial identity.

Moodboard for Hollerbachs identity

Identity and Brand

Wordmark for Hollerbach's German Restaurant
Hollerbach's German Restaurant banner logo
Hollerbach's plaque
Iconography for Hollerbach's German Restaurant
Round format for Hollerbach's logo

Color Palette


Plaid Pattern

Plaid pattern for Hollerbach's

Initial Mockups

During the process moving from digital assets to physical applications, we mocked up the designs. For the exterior, we looked to the architecture, color palette, and aesthetics of Kyllburg, Germany and meant to transpose it to Sanford, Florida.

Mockup of the exterior of Hollerbach's German Restaurant
Exterior Mockup

Applications at the Restaurant

The main restaurant area is in a historic building and has been decorated over the years with items from Kyllburg and the surrounding region. We aimed to apply the brand elements to this space carefully so as not to disrupt the atmosphere the family has created over the years.

Side windows at Hollerbach's featuring logos
Window Signage
Branded coasters on a table with beer
Branded Coasters
Branded pattern on windows
Branded Pattern
Table tent that says Draft List
Table Tent
Table tent that says What's on Tap
Table Tent
A-frame signage that says Danke, Auf Wiedersehen
A-Frame Sign
Restroom directional signage
Stanchion Sign
Stanchion sign for exiting
Directional Signage

The Lodge

The restaurant added a dedicated German bar in recent years, but it was initially positioned as part of the main restaurant space. As The Lodge, we positioned it as its own unique experience with its own identity.

The Lodge primary logo
Primary logo
Secondary logo for The Lodge
Secondary logo
Front window at The Lodge
Front Window
Primary logo for The Lodge, seen at the bar
Secondary logo for The Lodge, seen at rear of bar
Rear of bar