Tom & Dan

Long-term Branding

The A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan brand has been one of our most unique projects because it changes frequently over time. We have actually made small adjustments to the main Tom & Dan identity almost every year since the show began, but this time we expanded it.

Show Identity

A podcast and radio show for 10 years, “A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan” has changed with the times. We have tweaked and adapted the show’s brand and identity over the years to keep it continually fresh while keeping it familiar to fans.

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo

Badge for Tom
Badge for Dan

Network Identity

Show Logo

A Corporate Time

As the show’s audience and reach grew, so did the organization. What began as a single show evolved to include additional content and shows, like A Corporate Time on iHeartRadio. This led to the creation of a parent company, T&D Media.

We created separate brands for these entities, each with their own personality, but one which was still clearly related to the Tom and Dan family.

Show Icons and Taglines

T&D Media

For the network’s parent company, Tom and Dan needed something a clean and classic than the consumer-focused show identities. T&D Media would be a business-to-business operation. We developed a wordmark-focused logo (which used Daniel Dennis’ dog) to give it more of a timeless feel.

Primary Logo


Event Identities

“Summon the Scumbag” (6th anniversary)

For the 6th year anniversary party of A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan, we created a concept around “Summon the Scumbag”, and spoofed occult imagery and concepts. This included everything for the event, including t-shirts, promotional materials, banners and other event materials.

Event Identity

Tom & Dan Summon the Scumbag logo
Primary logo

Event Promotion Materials

Tom & Dan Summon the Scumbag event flier
Event flier
Summon the Scumbag postcard
Summon the Scumbag postcard (small)
Event postcards
Summon the Scumbag invocation
Invocation sheet
Summon the Scumbag event match set
Invocation match set

Event Merchandise

Shot Glass