an image of the Danger Brain skull logomark AwesomenessTV

Network Branding

Paramount Digital Studios

Awesomeness TV launched as one of the first YouTube Original channels. We worked with the team to develop and launch the brand and assets for its shows.


AwesomenessTV Channel Branding
AwesomenessTV Identity
AwesomenessTV Network Branding
AwesomenessTV Network Identity
AwesomenessTV X Channel Branding
AwesomenessTV X Channel Identity
AwesomenessTV Action Channel Branding
AwesomenessTV Action Channel Identity
Branding for AwesomenessTV Shows
Various Show Logos

Video Assets

YouTube Thumbnails for AwesomenessTV Shows
YouTube Thumbnails
In-video Graphics for AwesomenessTV Shows In-video Graphics for AwesomenessTV Shows
In-Video Graphics
Branded Video Endcards for AwesomnessTV Shows
End Cards


Merchandise for AwesomenessTV Shows
Various Merch Items