Nerdy Nummies

Show Branding

Nerdy Nummies is a geeky cooking show from Rosanna Pansino, and one of the top channels on YouTube. We helped prepare it for further growth with a fun, fresh branding.

The challenge

With billions of views, Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies has become of the largest online cooking shows. After building her audiance, Rosanna Pansino and her team needed a brand buildout that kept the show’s original feel and connected with her youthful audience but offered enough polish to work across emerging applications and areas.

The results

We’ve created a fresh, new look for Nerdy Nummies which is reminiscent of the original and resonates with the show’s young demographic, while also being more marketable and usable in-video, and beyond.

Logo and Alternates

Nerdy Nummies, Primary Logo

Nerdy Nummies,
Primary Wordmark
Nerdy Nummies,
Horizontal Logo
Nerdy Nummies,
Horizontal Wordmark

Supporting Iconography


Video / Motion Graphics

Animated Intro

In addition to creating the new Nerdy Nummies logo and “smart cookie” mascot, we developed a new animated intro and motion graphics for use in the show.

The intro / title card and end cards are already on all Nerdy Nummies videos. Here’s a live example. There is more video work which hasn’t been released yet as well.

Nerdy Nummies Animated Intro (GIF)
Nerdy Nummies Animated Intro (GIF)

Complete Video Graphics

In addition to the animated intro title card and end card, we developed an in-video graphics package, including editable templates for various lower-thirds, fly-in nameplates, etc. We also created some concepts for specific animated graphics as seen below, including illustrations and motion, which matched the show’s tone and style.

Nerdy Nummies Lower-thirds