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The Last Cat on Earth

What if a dog became president and got rid of all the cats on earth except for one? Would you fight for the resistance! Check out this latest video from our friends at Rocket Jump and pick a side! Also check out this logo breakdown that we did for Rocket Jump.


VGHS Season 2 Update

We’re in the middle of producing more fun graphics for the VGHS Season 2. Lot’s of fun stuff to come! In the meantime, go over to Kickstarter and donate today!!

Class of 2013 Enrolling Now!!

We’re currently working on graphics for Season 2 of Video Game High School. The crew over at Rocketjump have started a Kickstarter to fund the production. If you’d like to make a donation and support an amazing web series go here now.

Here are some of the icons that we developed for the world of VGHS.