05 Jul

VGHS Episode 9

This is the final episode VGHS. Remember, it’s all about the game!

Here is a collection of posters that we designed for the show.

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30 Jun

VGHS Episode 8

Check Episode 8 of VGHS.

So we didn’t get to all the VGHS branding and graphics in a day. Here are some of the first drafts from early on. Enjoy!

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27 Jun

Strawburry 17 Tricks & Tips: CAMERA ANGLES

We’d like to welcome our newest client, Meghan Camarena. She goes by Strawburry 17 and here is her video with some useful tips and tricks that will make your videos look amazing!

These are a couple of t-shirt concepts we’re working on for Meghan.

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26 Jun

VGHS Episode 7

Things aren’t going so well for Brian D or Ted Wong in the 7th episode of VGHS, as the the last act gets underway!

Here’s how the students at VGHS show their school spirit.

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23 Jun

ATV’s Blow Up Guys Episode 1

Danger Brain is excited to be working with the crew at Awesomeness TV. We’ve been developing the channel branding as well as show logos and other graphics. Check out this hilarious first Episode of the Blow Up Guys.

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19 Jun

Feast of Fection Onigiri Recipe

If you like Anime then you’re going to love Jimmy’s latest family recipe for ONIGIRI!!!!! Also, here is one of the t-shirt designs we’re working on for Feast of Fiction recipe shirts.

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