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Tom & Dan Site Launched

During 2011, Danger Brain worked on a soup-to-nuts re-brand of the A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan show, and we’ve posted bits and pieces of this re-brand as we’ve done them, but the one part that hadn’t been finished yet was the website. Now, the website is up and we can say that the re-brand is complete.

However, a brand is like a living thing, and requires constant nurturing, so the re-brand might be done, but it’s just the beginning. There are still merchandise items we’ll be working on, and more branding work to come in 2012 for A Mediocre Time.

Check out the site.

An AWSM Collection

Danger Brain is not just another graphic and web design shop. We are also experienced product developers. We follow your product through the full development life cycle. Our studio will design, source, tech pack, prototype, sample, quality assure and deliver your product as you imagined it. Here are a few of the belts that we’ve been developing for Torstein Horgmo’s AWSM Brand.

VGHS in Production

Here’s an update from FreddieW on the set of Video Game High School (VGHS). Danger Brain has been tasked with designing the overall brand and identity for Video Game High School, and creating many of the production assets you see in this video.

You can expect more on-set updates from FreddieW and company as shooting continues, and behind-the-scenes updates on the design of VGHS from us here at Danger Brain.

Hawkers Print Collateral

Branding is not just about getting people to remember your logo, it’s also about story telling. We use color, shape and form to create a visual language that will help the customer understand your unique brand story. Here are some examples of our storytelling through print collateral that we’ve created for Hawkers Asian Street Fare in Downtown Orlando FL.

Evolution of an Ad: Kung Foon

Recently, GSI Outdoors tasked us with creating a print ad for an upcoming product launch. We had very little time before it went to print, so we had to put our process into high gear and get to work.

The Kung Foon is a hybrid between a fork, spoon, and set of chopsticks, and GSI wanted to evoke vintage kung fu movie posters for the ad. The copy for the ad had already been written, so we were fortunate enough to have that information at our disposal from the conception stage.

We started with a few quick thumbnail sketches to get the concept and layout worked out.

Once the initial idea was approved, we moved on to a basic comp of the sketch. Based on feedback on the first comp, we created a more detailed comp, which hit the mark.

From here on, we revised quickly based on continuous feedback GSI stakeholders posted on our Basecamp. Discussions and collaborative revisions on Basecamp definitely kept the project moving along quickly, especially considering Danger Brain operates in the South Eastern US and GSI is in the Pacific Northwest, and we were able to go from concept to completion in a few days.

And this was the finished product, delivered just in time to go to print.

What We Did Over the Summer

Bad creative is always out there, and while sometimes it is wise to be public about our missions, sometimes we need to go underground so that the enemies of creative don’t know what’s coming next. Over the summer, Danger Brain has been hard at work under the radar on several top secret projects whose details will be divulged at the appropriate time.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be going over recently declassified materials as well as current not top secret projects that we’re working as we resume communications.

Demolition and Volume Softgoods

Brian Castillo over at Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts holds a special place in Danger Brain history. He was our first client and helped get us started as an agency. So whenever Brian calls in need of design help we are always happy to oblige. Here are some shirts that we recently designed for both Volume and Demolition.